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What we did in 2009

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Those of you who know me will know that I hate Gardening, and I mean hate it. I dont really venture into the garden for anything if i dont have to. However, in February 2009, and following on from this comment in 2006 when we boughtthe house "I hate gardening so it was left to Tracy to do all of it (I just went and got some stuff and lifted other stuff!!). The garden is attached to the garage, so we can store stuff in it, saving the hassle of getting a shed put up.

We decided that we would get thegarden sorted out properly, so with the help of www.landscapegardeningswansea.co.uk
www.deckingswansea.co.uk we managed to have the garden allsorted with decking, planters and new grass for a reasonable amount of money!!!

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