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What we did in 2006

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By June 2006 we had moved to Wales. Amazingly between April and October Tracy and I have been to loads of Welsh places and really enjoy living her, not missing Buckingham at all. The summer we spent visiting many different places in Wales.In October 2006 we married, we had an excellent day and have a very rosy future planned.2006

Both Tracy and I stayed at ours for Christmas this year, I had quite a lot of time off so we spent it shopping, and visiting places. We went and saw our parents, and generally had a great time doing things together. Whereas last year Tracy was working so I did not see alot of her.

My barber told me to go to Aberdovey, which we did in the summer

Michael & Tracy Ludwig went to Trecastle
Michael and Tracy Ludwig went to Aberdovey
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