Michael Ludwig and Tracy Ludwig

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The Boy

The Early Years

Born on 31/01/71 in Germany, the son of Mick and Sherrine, serving soldiers.

In 1973 his sister was born in Bradford on Avon, and shortly afterwards they all moved to Singapore, and at his sister Sandra's christening, we see him on the left acting a complete idiot.

In 1975/76 we moved from the Far East back to the UK, ending up at Inverness, memories of this are few and far between. I remember visiting Santa, and driving across mountains.

In 1977 we moved to Taunton, staying only 6 months before moving to Watchet. Not very happy times as I did not stay at the school and managed only to make a few friends.

OK, so I started at South Wonston Primary school sometime in 1978 ish I think...

I always thought that Sundays were hot days then.

I was allowed to play in the park behind my hose, and everything was so safe nothing went wrong and no-one got told off.

Ok so a few times I was late home after playing out but I was 9, who cares.

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