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May 2006 till Mid 2008
What's that coming over the hill?, is it a monster, is it a monster?
Of course not it is m!key's Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8.
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Simple story, I decided that I wanted to have a new Impreza, but during my search for maximum power, I came across this brutal monster.

Bucket seats, switchable traction control, 4wd CD MP3, Aircon, Tinted Windows, Stainless Steel exhaust, the list goes on and on..It was retailing at exactly GBP 15999 and I got it for a cool price of GBP 14493. (Alas though I got a rubbish price on the Impreza).

So if you see a streak of lightning hurtling past you on the motorway at 157mph, its probably me.

On 29th May after only having the car for 1 week some maniac in a 4WD off road vehicle with a trailer of cows came down a mountain and smashed into me.
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Round about March 2007, I took the car to WRC Technologies in Silverstone, for a simple remap. I came out having had an Ecutec remap, an APO BOV (?) an HKS Short Induction Kit, an HKS Downpipe, decat, an HKS Superdrager Exhaust, and HKS EVC Boost Controller. The car has gone from 260 to 354BHP..Boost eh?, what (?). It is now fitted with a XenonShop Mini Chrome Fire-Extinguisher, and Scott Lowe Mudflaps and I am a member of Team Banana

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