Michael Ludwig and Tracy Ludwig

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I have always had cats in my life, since about 1981 when we lived in Germany, when some woman brought a cat round for us, we called it Tweaky (he was black), after the robot on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. He died a few weeks later from Liver failure. My dad then brought back Sparky(black and white) from the Stables, in his barracks. We had him until 1983 and just before we moved to Moenchengladbach he got run over.

We did not get anymore cats until 1987 when we moved back to Plymouth, we got a Jet (Black) and Biscuit (Tortoise shell). Jet died after about 9 years, and Biscuit after abut 12 years. (They are buried in my back garden).

Then when I moved into my first house in 1993  I got Scooby (Black and White).
In 1999 I got Sidney, and then 2 years after coming to Wales I got Barney.

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