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Our Home

On the 28th April after about 4 months of waiting, and panic-ing, we eventually moved in to Erw Werdd, in Birchgrove. (Don't ask us how to pronounce the name of the road, we cant infact neither can half of the people we speak to. But we moved in, just us 2 and 3 cats.

We live in the house furthest to the left which is good as we actually have our garage next to the drive, rather than in a block.

As we decided to put the Computer downstairs where the dining room should be, we then had an extra room to use. We decided that as we did not want either of the 3 cats to go in the lounge when we were not in the house or at night we made a special room for them, we call it the Cats Room. T

Spare bedroom pictures can be found by clicking on this link, or this link. Our bedroom (we decided to have upstairs in order that we could use the upstairs bathroom  rather than the en-suite)

I hate gardening so it was left to Tracy to do all of it (I just went and got some stuff and lifted other stuff!!). The garden is attached to the garage, so we can store stuff in it, saving the hassle of getting a shed put up.

To see our House Click here.

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